Important Update regarding Covid-19

We Have Been Working Hard To Keep You Safe

Patient screenings, face masks, increased PPE, frequent

disinfecting, social distancing: we’ve been following

CDC, and the ADA (American Dental Associastion) recommendations with fidelity.

Extra Protocol

We’ve made a lot of positive changes to our safety protocols,

but perhaps the most important improvement we’ve made

is how we handle aerosols during your procedures.

We Are Equipped

As you know, COVID-19 and other viral agents can be

transmitted through microscopic air-born particles called aerosols.

Our clinic is now equipped to reduce aerosols by

over 90% throughout every dental procedure.


By using technology like our VacuLUX HVE Adapter we can place high-volume suction inside your mouth, surrounding our work area to continuously remove aerosols at the source.
Also, we will be equipping the office with an Extraoral Dental Suction System by ADS. Benefits of this equipment include the following:

  • ADS Extraoral Dental Suction System removed the droplets and aerosols from the origin, killing the chance of attaching to the dentists' bodies during any given treatment.
  • Ultra Strong Suction Power
  • Medical Grade Filtration System built in the device includes a HEPA Filtration System that has 3 layers stopping the virus and germs with a 99.995% efficiency. Precise Water Vapour Filtration ensures dry water in the inner equipment and suction outlet. Medical Grade UV Light Disinfectant System kills all the viruses and the germs in the filter.
  • An excellent rear-mounted exhaust design provides raised dust avoidance, effective suction assurance, patient comfort guarantee, minimal noise, and the air-tight-ness of the R&D will prevent dirty air from leaking.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Our top priority is always your health, safety, and well-being.
The choices we make to keep you safe are research-based and with your best interests at heart.